Once the artwork for this concert is completed, it will replace this temporary image

Once the artwork for this concert is completed, it will replace this temporary image

Giving voice to the decades-long struggle for a roof over every head.”

If you attended February's Green Stairwell Concert [Analogy Fair] you'll know Adam Rosenblatt, one of the members of QuaQuaQua and a Baltimore percussionist and creative.  He has crafted an incredible program centered around the piece Timber by composer Michael Gordon, a monumental percussion piece for six drummers on six pieces of wood. 

Usually, Timber is played using the best tropical wood available (mahogany, rosewood, etc). For this performance, though, Adam is sourcing the pieces of wood directly from the abandoned and vacant homes of Baltimore. These homes themselves thus become the main voice, telling the ongoing story of a city that still struggles with equity and stability for all its residents. 

Local light artists Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack have created a custom-designed LED lighting system for Timber that responds to the music in real-time, reflecting the waves of sound as waves of light and shadow. Art will be present throughout the space, and the performance will include periods of time when members of the audience will be invited to stand and walk about the space.

Percussionists from Seattle-based Arx Duo and Chicago-based Beyond This Point will join Adam and QuaQuaQua to bring this visceral and powerful piece of music to life.

tickets and concert information


50 Tickets per show ($65) in the Sanctuary
Available starting Wednesday, May 22, 2019* 


Timber (Michael Gordon)


7:30pm: Pre-concert talk - learn what to expect 
8:00pm: TIMBER
9:00pm: Post-concert discussion and art exhibit 


Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack, light artists
Kevin Bourassa, audio recording 
Folie a Two Studio, video recording 


This performance takes place in the Sanctuary, which is both handicap accessible and has hearing assistance. However, please make that note when purchasing tickets so that we can accommodate you as best as possible. Thanks! 

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QuaQuaQua is a theatrical percussion ensemble whose members are as much theatrical performers as they are musicians. They create powerful and engrossing original performances that combine percussion, theater, gesture, and live electronics. Bringing their percussion skills to bear on theatrical work, they place themselves at the forefront of a powerful new trend in performance.

Beyond This Point is a percussion-based collaborative ensemble that aims to engage diverse audiences through its exploration of resonances and intersections across artistic mediums. Led by artistic directors John Corkill and Alex Monroe, the collaboration presents programs that synthesize musical performance with several disciplines and practices including theater, movement, media/film, sculpture, social justice, and environmentalism among others. 

Performing Michael Gordon's Timber from Beyond This Point are Chicago percussionists Rebecca McDaniel and Alex Monroe. 

Among the group’s chief artistic collaborators are Dado, a Chicago theater director and MFA graduate from the University of Chicago's DOVA program and percussionist Matthew Duvall of the four-time Grammy-winning contemporary music sextet Eighth Blackbird. The collaboration has presented hybrid works for percussion, vocals, visual art, and theatre at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Steppenwolf 1700 Theatre in Chicago, and at the Ringling Arts Museum in Sarasota, FL. Committed to expanding audiences and providing access to contemporary art, the ensemble presents free performances in Chicago's parks through the Night Out in the Parks program, and is a partner in promoting equitable transit oriented development (eTOD) through Elevated Chicago. eTOD aims to develop cities around their public transit assets, while avoiding displacement of community residents and local businesses.

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