Choral Octet (1 of 8)
  • Choral Octet (1 of 8)
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MUSICIANS: An octet of local professionals was assembled to test various spaces at Westmoreland and record demo material.

  1. Ashley Larkin, soprano
  2. Shauna Kreidler Michels, soprano ✓
  3. Lena Seikaly, alto ✓
  4. Nikki Levesque, alto
  5. Lawrence Reppert, tenor ✓
  6. John Becker, tenor ✓
  7. Matt Rippere, baritone
  8. Daryl Yoder, bass ✓

VIDEO PRODUCTION: By sponsoring this project, you support these local musicians as well as the production of videos which will be released on the website and social media. These musicians will receive 100% of this donation. Benefits of this sponsorship include:

  1. Producer credit in videos resulting from this footage
  2. Your name (or name of your choosing) on the “Getting Started” art-program
  3. An autographed special edition of the art-program
  4. Early access to ticket sales for one concert of your choosing in season 1

NOTE: As a program of Westmoreland Congregational UCC, all donations are tax deductible.

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