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CONCERT: Timber (I.IV)

Michael Gordon's Timber, interactive lights, dynamic audience placement, and temporary art gallery, giving voice to the decades-long struggle for a roof over every head.

SPONSOR A COLLABORATOR Part of what really makes this series special is its happy middle ground somewhere between a music recital, a cinema, an art gallery, and a blackbox theater. It will be the collaborators that give greater amplitude to the themes and artist ideas of the music selections. If you are someone who loves visiting interactive art exhibits, or immersive film experiences, or seeing how artists use technology and virtual reality, then please show your support by supporting a collaborator.

100% of your donation goes directly to the artist of your choice. As the collaborator sponsor, your name (or name of your choosing) will be attached to the program and on the performance page of the website, you will receive signed print, and you will receive early access to ticket sales.

NOTE: As a program of Westmoreland Congregational UCC, all donations are tax deductible.

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